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As the leading supplier of waterproof camera, dome cameraPTZ camera and IP camera, and related accessories commonly used in surveillance system, ZoomWay specializes in the design and manufacture of all kinds of advanced security cameras and related components and accessories, as well as design security system or solutions  for customers.
With over 15 years of manufacturing experience and advanced technique system, strong production capacity, strict quality control and scientific management, ZoomWay is recognized as a leading solution provider in video surveillance field. Our commitment to quality, customer service and product innovation has enabled us to offer world-class products for a wide variety of applications. Our integrated manufacturing process enables us to provide product solutions to the most challenging requirements. From design to delivery, short to long run production, standard products to custom solutions, ZoomWay can provide timely and cost effective product that will meet or exceed your expectations.
Typical markets served including:
• Schools or other educational institutions
• Shops
• Governments
• Road surveillance
• Community safety
• Prison surveillance
• Home surveillance
• Hotel, cyber bar and other entetainment places
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